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Brewton Amateur Radio Union WB4ARU

Field Day and Bluebery Festival

Field Day and Bluebery Festival
BlueBerry Festival 2015
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The Brewton Amateur Radio Club has had several Field Days over the years. Field Day is a nationwide event that occurs every year in June. Portable stations are set up across the US and make contact with each other. 
The WB4ARU can send you an eqsl card as well as a paper card. 
Sorry NO Contacts made with WB4ARU before 1995 can be verified. Before 1995 QSL records have been lost.  
Some years the WB4ARU have worked The Blueberry Festival in Brewton. Other years Field Day was worked.
Because Field Day and The Blueberry Festival occur so close to each other in June one will be worked and the other one will not.  
Please click on each of the years to see what occured on the dates.
I hope you can join us when we have Field Day or a special event station at the Blueberry Festival.

June 1980 Field Day

June 1991 Field Day
Field Day was held at The Brewton, Alabama City Park.
June 1995 The First Blueberry Special Event Station. 
2 HF Stations were set up. One on 20 meters and one on 40 meters. 70 Contacts were made in 27 states.

Field Day 2004

Field Day 2006

Blueberry Festival 2007

Blueberry Festival 2010

Blueberry Festival 2015