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Brewton Amateur Radio Union WB4ARU

BARU Makes contact with The Space Shuttle Atlantis
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BARU Makes contact with The Space Shuttle Atlantis
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On March 13th, 1995 one monday afternoon the BARU Set up a Ham Station at The Brewton Elementary School. The purpose was to make contact with the Space Shuttle Atlantis. The club did make contact.  The BARU was one of a few clubs who were selected by NASA to make contact with the Shuttle. 

Turn Your Speakers On and Your Volume Up.
You are listening to a  60 second audio clip from the Space Shuttle Atlantis Mission. You will hear the NASA control operator in Greenbelt, Maryland thank the City of Brewton and the Brewton Elementary School Students. This recording was made by me (KI4GGH) on March 13th, 1995 from my shortwave radio, and a small 6 foot wire antenna. I was in college at Troy State University  when this audio was recorded. The frequency I was listening to in Troy, Alabama was 7.185 khz. This small audio clip was one things that inspired me to become a ham radio operator.

I would like to thank Leroy Weaver for sending me these photos and information. THANK YOU !! Now this part of Club history can be shared with others.   

At the club station table are the following ham radio operators: David Martin - W4DSM, Jimmy Stanton - WD4KTW, Jerry Carroll, and John Conway.  


The stage at The Brewton Elementary School. Set up and built by the Students at the school.


Here is a photo of Samuel Conway, KE4VOR , standing beside the model of The Space Shuttle Atlantis built by Students of the school.


Being interviewed by TV 10 out of Mobile, Alabama are Samuel Conway - KE4VOR, and Leigh Weaver - KD4TID. At the time of the interview they were the two youngest Hams in the State of Alabama.